Kosaten Shiro

Large Daidoji castle on north bank of lake. Small town, primarily composed of castle and daidoji dojos, relatively little trade/hospitality in the region.

On the approach to the castle, Akiyama will be responsible for identifying various traps and steering the party past them safely.

Although the castle does not look particularly formidable from the outside, Kosaten Shiro’s elaborate construction hides a bewildering array of hidden passages, camouflaged arrow slits, and even fake walls to confound and weaken attacking forces.

Each time the party enters the castle, its internal walls are in slightly different configurations, leading to confusion. Additionally, many of the walls are painted with beautiful and elaborate murals, almost always of life-sized figures in armor. This is both a nod to the Crane love for artistry, but also serves as camouflage for various secret passages, as well as hidden guards who will blend in with the artwork and sculpture.

Kosaten Shiro

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