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  • Scorpion Clan

    [[File:449480 | class=media-item-align-left | Scorpion.png]]The Scorpion Clan was founded by the Kami Bayushi. The clan and its members are widely considered to be villainous and untrustworthy by the rest of Rokugan, though they merely attempt to fulfill …

  • Lies

    Lies was the title of Bayushi Tangen’s most famous treatise. The intent of Lies was, in Tangen’s words, to “bring wisdom to the Emperor, to show him the errors of other’s “wisdom”, in addition to educating him on the nature of treacherous men, so he may …

  • Shosuro Soh

    Scorpion envoy to Kosaten Shiro, he lives aboard a large house barge on the river with a handful of servants