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  • Shiro Matsu

    The Last Breath Castle in the Yama province was the ancestral home of the Matsu family. Founding The castle was built where the Lion Thunder Matsu met the first Akodo. She established there her family. It was also where the largest contingent of Lion …

  • Ten Orders of Leadership

    The Importance of Warfare War is inevitable, like a spring fog, it creeps in from the sea and slowly covers the country in a cold, white shroud. It dissipates in time, but once it is gone, the land is never the same. In time, your daimyo will call …

  • Lion Clan

    [[File:449478 | class=media-item-align-left | Lion.png]]The Lion Clan are the Right Hand of the Emperor, recording the military and political interactions between the Clans. They are the epitome of bushido and the very example of valor. Next to the …

  • Akodo Nambuko

    First met in only a towel outside the Thirsty Heron sake house, he calmed the remaining Lion Bushi and accepted the Crane party's offers of surrender.