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  • Dragon Clan

    [[File:449477 | class=media-item-align-left | Dragon.png]]Following the first appearance of Shinsei after the Tournament of the Kami, Togashi retreated into the mountains of northern Rokugan to live in solitude. This, however, did not happen as he was …

  • Niten

    Niten was an essay on the way of two swords written by Mirumoto Hojatsu, based on the teachings of his adoptive father Mirumoto and his own skills. Niten means “two swords”, “two heavens” or “two swords fall from heaven”, and is most commonly referred to …

  • Kitsuki Doreni

    A Kituski investigator assigned to observe the progress of the great stone bridge and assure that if complete, it serves the greater interests of the empire.

  • Togashi You

    A Togashi warrior monk of the Dragon clan, encountered first perched atop a warehouse on the docks, and later perched in a high tree branch near the unicorn ambush.