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Session 1
The Journey Begins

Game Time: 24 Feb 1175
Location: The coast along the river road to Kosaten Shiro (4 days journey from the castle) two weeks before last day(s) of winter court

Massive rain and sleet storms have plagued the area between the coast and Kosaten Shiro for weeks, making the roads almost completely impassable. Doji Sakimi’s party decided to attempt to go the rest of the way by river instead of road. Unfortunately, as they approached close to Kosaten shiro, a suspicious boat approached them, and the captain steered away from them, fearing the other boat to be pirates (correctly) but unfortunately with the rising waters and bad weather, Sakimi’s boat ran aground.

Meanwhile Akiyama and Utamuro are sent to find Sakimi’s party, and come upon the boat, just as a small party of bandits, armed with knives is emerging from the waters after having swam from their boat. Meanwhile the bandit boat (with a large armored man directing the attack) keeps pace with the river a little ways away, shooting the occasional arrow.

Some bandits begin swimming towards the Crane ship, and Sakimi is thrown into the river by an unfortunately timed wave. Toshiro makes good use of the local kami to disrupt the bandits, and keeps Sakimi from drowning, though his summoned air kami have great difficulty combating the very angry water kami of the river.

Upon noting that the water spirits of the river are very angry, Toshiro communes with them, seeing images of a pillar of earth rising up out of the river and fruits/coins sitting on an altar as the cause of their fury. When asked what could be done to mollify them they show images of the earth crumbling into the water, fruit and coins being tossed into the river and an image of “man” sitting by the river side in meditation.

A mysterious samurai watches from a nearby boulder, and when Sakimi falls into the river, he dives into the water and begins swimming to her aid. As he nears, Byakuya recognizes him as Shiba Masaru, a phoenix duelist with whom he has had previous encounters, and also nobly dives into the water to help Sakimi, though the roiling waters and his insistence on swimming with only the perfect stroke hinder his progress.

On shore, Utamuro and Akiyama fend off a party of bandits enroaching along the beach, and manage to loose a couple arrows into the boat’s leader. Dispatching the assailants on shore reveals them to be poorly equipped peasants, who all curiously bear similar tattoos on their left shoulders, depicting three rocks falling. The tattoos are of higher quality than one would normally expect of poor peasantry.

On seeing the rest of the attack party defeated, the bandit leader directs his boat to flee to the south east, hurling insults over his shoulder as he is forced to take the place of one of his fallen oarsmen.

Back aboard the boat, after Sakimi is safely back aboard, Masaru introduces himself and pledges his service to Sakimi (who seems to know him). Toshiro appears to be in favor of Masaru’s actions while Byakuya notes that he appears to have broken with the Phoenix clan, and strenuously objects to his presence. Sakimi asks for time to consider the matter, but in the meantime asks Masaru to peace-bond his katana, which he does.

As the battle winds down, Akiyama approaches the beached Crane boat, and begins to introduce himself to the aged sensei Kinrio, deftly explaining that they are approximately 6-7 days from Kosaten Shiro by foot (despite estimates that they might make the journey in 4-5 days if lucky). Additionally, Toshiro calls upon the water kami to heal the wounds of one of their severely wounded oarsmen.

Notable Attendees:
Doji Sakimi
Doji Kinrio – Sensei

Shiba Masaru – Yojimbo


Session Rewards:
All Players receive 3 XP
Akiyama – 3.5 —> 3.8 for facing a numerically superior foe with great resolve
Utamuro – 6.5 —> 6.7 for facing a numerically superior foe with great resolve
Toshiro – 6.5 —> 6.8 for showing kindness to one beneath your station
Byakuya – 6.5 —> 6.7 for showing restraint in the face of a hated enemy, and guiding your clan mate away from impropriety


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