L5R - Great Stone Bridge

Session 21

Foreign Devils!

Real Time: 13 April 2017
Game Time: 7 March 1175
Location: Shorai no Kiban

The session opens as a fearsome ship of dark-skinned gaijin wreak havoc on the docks. Shoutaro, Utamuro and Byakuya have seen through their fearsome demonic fa├žade, while the rest of the part (and others) seem to still think that the shadowlands have come to invade.

Masataro abjures some of the recently retreating Lions into assisting by fighting fires in the warehouses on the docks. Throughout the remainder of the battle, Akodo Namboku leads a portion of the Lion squad to fight fires along the northern end of the docks.

Meanwhile Toshiro communes with an air kami for more information:
What is this? “Stinky human conveyance”
Does the wind drive this in a natural way? “Natural-ish”
Does it carry humans or non-humans? “Empty humans and one regular kind”

Utamuro, Byakya, Shoutaro and the remainder of the Lions rush down the nearest pier towards the oncoming ship amidst exploding thunderclaps which cause further injury and destruction on the White Sparrow as well as other areas of the docks. As such, the mantis crew are occupied fighting fires and explosions on their own ship.

As Akiyama crests the rooftop, he stealthily surveys the battlefield and notices a few things about the ship. First, there is one figure on board who seems to be directing the attack. Second, there are three pairs of men manning strange looking barrels, which appear to be the source of the smoke and thunder. Thirdly, a Rokugani man appears to be tied to the rear mast of the ship. A pair of well-placed arrows makes short work of the leader, while a third causes havoc in the aft of the ship by severing key lines holding the sail aloft.

As the remainder of the party near the end of the dock, the front-line fighters use a conveniently placed crane to swing across and bring the battle to the attackers. Utamuro initially guards Byakuya as they each gain their footing, while Shoutaro engages a cluster of attackers manning the nearest barrel.

Masataro begins to add his arrows to the fray and Toshiro enlists the aid of that same irritated air kami to further Akiyama’s sail-work, whipping the aft sail about and causing multiple pirates to be flung into the river. Along the way he tries to understand the kami’s previous words about “empty” humans, and is able to observe that the gaijin pirates, while clearly human, seem to completely lack the elemental soul of the Rokugani.

As the tide of the battle turns, Akiyama shoots a fire arrow at the fore of the deck, which lights the forward sail as well as some nearby barrels. Toshiro, seeking to disrupt the crew further, and fan the flames, once again unleashes a burst of air, which surprisingly causes a massive explosion from one of the burning barrels, killing multiple crew members and injuring others. Back at the aft of the ship, Daidoji Daishiki (the Crane clan’s local quarry master) has freed himself from his bindings, thanks to Akiyama’s previous arrow, and begins to approach.

As the main battle begins to ebb first Akiyama, then Masataro notice the monks of the nearby water temple have emerged en-masse. Half approach the southernmost fires, which a few Lion are attempting to keep in check, while the other half, led by brother Toketsu, approach the middle of the docks.

Masataro begins to welcome the monks, but as he does, he notices that Toketsu’s previously missing left arm is no longer missing, and the replaced limb appears strange and unsettling. Masataro, while trying to disarm them with a smile, reacts quickly and unleashes an arrow into the unnatural monk.

Notable Attendees:
Matsu Genichi – Matsu Garrison Commander
Akodo Namboku – Lion Squad Leader
Daidoji Daishiki – Crane Quarrymaster
Brother Toketsu – Water Monk (previously missing an arm)

Session Rewards:
XP: 4
Honor: 5 for bravely facing the gaijin threat
Glory/Infamy: 6 for bravely facing (and defeating the gaijin)



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