Yorimoto Masako

Mantis Shugenja


(31 F) – White Sparrow’s First Mate and Shugenja

The party initially met her, informally, on the last day of winter court along with Moshi Chiroku. Later that evening, after the play attack, she rushed to the aid of Daidoji Toshiro and saved his life via her invocation of the water Kami, after which Toshiro seems to be smitten with her.

Masako reveals that her crew’s charge is to act as envoys of the Mantis Clan interests along the river (primarily trade). On hearing the various stories of piracy along the river, she also mentions that the Mantis are interested in formalizing an extension of their anti-piracy duties to the river routes. Historically this charge has been limited to the coastal region (where most of the Wako pirates operate) but this seems like a good opportunity to prove the Mantis clan’s capabilities as well as show the ability to cooperate with more solidly-established major clans.

Physical Description: An attractive woman in her early thirties, she generally wears very little clothing, preferring to feel the sun, wind and spray on her skin when they sail. She is a bit overly free with her emotions and opinions. Is oddly attached to land-based animals, which she finds fascinating.


Yorimoto Masako

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