Repentant Peasant Rebel


14 Male, scrawny teen


Kuro (meaning “9th son”) is the ninth son of Yome, one of the main ferry operations at Shorai no Kiban. He is a bright but impressionable young man who was coerced into joining the rebellion by his slightly older brother Nichi (the crazed peasant) who was killed in Unicorn ambush.

Kuro was convinced to come into the forest as his brother convinced him that as the 9th son of a ferry operator who was sure to go out of business once the bridge was complete, he would end up destitute and needed to “do something about it”. He started having misgivings as soon as the talk turned to plans to commit violence, and was appalled at the contraband weapons being distributed. When the impromptu ambush was executed, Kuro hid at the back with his fishing knife, unwilling to participate in the violence, but fearing reprisal from his fellow peasants if he were to run. Kuro was further shocked and disgusted by the crazed bloodlust that came over his brother Nichi when he set upon the fallen Iuchi Keira, and immediately surrendered when given the opportunity.

Kuro readily relayed what little he knew of the conspiracy to the magisterial party, re-telling overheard plans to get another crate of weaponry in two days time, but as a new and very junior member of the conspiracy he didn’t know much more.


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