Hiramichi Miliko

Ditsy Sculptor


Physical Description: Early 50s Female. Always wears well-made, but mismatched clothes that are often stained with clay or paint. She is rather absent-minded and distract-able, but friendly and quite chatty.

She maintains a medium estate in Shorai no Kiban and is a skilled sculptor and origami practitioner.

At the Kosaten Shiro winter court, she presented Daidoji Tanitsu with a life-sized terracotta statue of himself, featuring very intricate details. She apologizes for her late arrival, and the lateness of this gift, blaming it on troubles getting the necessary materials. She mentions that the Otomo sisters and their bridge project are monopolizing both the peasant workforce in her region, and quarry supplies. She also mentions absentmindedly that before she traveled to the winter court, a party of Dragon clan members had arrived in her town (where the bridge is being built), which may have odd implications due to the Dragon clan’s secretive nature, and close ties to the new Imperial dynasty. Additionally, she passed a strange, shirtless, tattooed man sitting out in a field on her way to court.


Hiramichi Miliko

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