Son of Kinen


Plain, thirty year old male, son of Kinen the ferry operator. He is very well-dressed for a peasant.

He has the character for “Water” tattooed onto his right hip.

After Utamuro broke his ankle when captured, he walks with a limp.

Shot by Naga on the island and plummeted off cliff side.


First met at the docks on the party’s arrival at Shorai no Kiban as he was talking with two older ferry operators. He was immediately seen as inappropriately uppity, and put in his place by the party.

Later he was discovered near the get-away boat after the early morning zombie attack on the bridge encampment. He claims that he was coerced by “The Master”, a cowled figure who has Domogu’s family held hostage, to ferry him to and from the large island in the center of the river. He says that the Master must have heard/sensed the party coming and run away instead of returning to the boat to make their escape.


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