Doji Sakimi

Up and Coming Crane Courtier


(23 F) – Physical description: young, petite, attractive, demure, well-dressed, well composed, quiet but firm. Doji Sakimi is a darling of the court, and a paragon of her craft. It is said that she was sent to Kosaten Shiro to help bring some additional temperance to the oft impertinent ways of the Daidoji.

Sakimi seems to bear some secret personal connection with (Shiba) Masaru, causing her to go out of her way to petition for his well-being and to allow him to serve as her guardian.

She travels often in the company of Doji Kinrio, her aged mentor.


Young, forward-thinking favored niece of Tanitsu and a young darling of the Doji courts. Favored niece of Daidoji Tanitsu

Doji Sakimi

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