Daidoji Utamuro



Male – 16

Utamuro is an imposing figure, even for a Daidoji. He towers over most Rokugani and seems to have a scowl painted on his face at all times. You suspect his permanent scowl may be at least partly the result of his disdain for his regular assignment: the watch-post next to the outhouse outside the tea house. You are almost certain you’ve heard him grumble from across the yard occasionally when one of the artists from the tea house walks past his post to the outhouse. There’s a rumor going around the castle that during his gempukku ceremony when he was supposed to be reciting the tenets of bushido, he mumbled unintelligibly when defining courtesy, and that’s why he was assigned third shift of that post. Aside from that fumble he’s clearly a capable individual, and his gift of a home-brewed winter ale seemed to smooth things over with the sensei.


Utamuro is a young Iron Warrior based in the lands surrounding Kosaten Shiro. His mother, Daidoji Baba has ensured a place for him despite his social blunders.

Daidoji Utamuro

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