L5R - Great Stone Bridge

Session 15

A Well-Deserved Night Off

Real Time: 25 February 2016
Game Time: 4 March 1175 (Night)
Location: Thirsty Heron Sake House

In the aftermath of the fight with the drunken Lion guardsmen, the party briefly rests in the sake house. Akiyama, Utamuro and Moshi Takuji engage in a friendly game of fortunes and winds, during which Akiyama wins 3 bu, while Utamuro loses one.

Toshiro and the rest of the party sit for a time with Soh, with Toshiro trading barbs with the large Scorpion. Soh compliments Byakuya and Shoutaro on their skillful swordsmanship, but insults Toshiro’s lack of control, and similarly seems unhappy with Utamuro and Akiyama’s ruthlesness. After some time, Soh’s half-masked female attendant arrives, walking with a limp that appears a few days old, and whispers something to Soh.

Akodo Namboku (the Lion leader) eventually returns to the bar area, now fully clothed, and sits quietly at a back table with his remaining squad member.

Shortly thereafter, the peasant who was sent to summon captain Shara returns. He is clearly terrified that delivering bad news will end poorly for him, but soldiers on, saying that Shara is at her ship along the docks, but is too busy to come at present. In both reward and punishment for delivering this bad news, Akiyama gives the peasant a foul, low-grade sake favored by poor peasantry and Lions.

While the rest of the party heads south to the Genial Blossom tea house to meet with the officers of the White Sparrow, Akiyama stays for a while and continues to game with Moshi Takuji. Eventually Akiyama succumbs to his duties and retires back to the Genial blossom with the rest of the party, where he plays and handily wins one last round of Fortunes and Winds in the much less raucous company present there.

At the Genial Blossom, the party is warmly welcomed back by Ranmaru (the tatooed proprieteress) and quickly offered opulent food and drink. Masataro and Shoutaro goad each other into an epic drinking contest, much to the entertainment of many of the teahouse patrons. In the end, Shoutaro wins by a scant margin, and surprisingly both are able to walk away from the table. During the night, Shoutaro also makes note of Yoshi (Ranmaru’s guard) making the rounds, and notes that his stance and bearing show him to be a very skilled duelist with a keen eye.

Toshiro immediately swoops in to both flirt with and enlist the aid of Yorimoto Masako. She is found with another Mantis crew member studying what appears to be a map of the river with an overlay of magical symbols. Carefully guarding the map, she takes in Toshiro’s reports of their troubles with zombies and the like. Masako mentions that she has also sensed troubled spirits and agrees that everything must be done to address the issue. She sends for Moshi Chiroku, who emerges some time later from the other side of the complex and quickly agrees to offer the use of the Dawning Moon mid morning the following day. Chiroku does question whether or not the ship will be able to make landing on the island, but Toshiro uses the skill of Mantis sailing to goad the captain into accepting.

Before the captain arrives, Utamuro plays boastful wingman about Toshiro’s battle exploits, and Toshiro returns the favor. At the end of the night, Toshiro and Masako retire to a private path chamber.

Meanwhile, Byakuya enjoys a luxurious bath and spa treatment while a servant cleans and polishes his armor. Along the way, he falls into conversation with a Crab merchant who recently crossed from the Lion side of the river. During the conversation, the Crab comments on unusually heavy garrisons near the river on the Lion side and a grain shortage. The crab (and others in the bath chamber) mention exaggerated versions of the zombie attacks and mentions that they heard a rogue imperial legion fought off hundreds of zombies, but that Kuni witch hunters should be summoned.

The party gradually retires for the night to prepare for a mid-morning departure the next day.

Notable Attendees:
Akodo Namboku – Lion Leader
Moshi Takuji – Friendly Mantis Sailor
Shosuro Soh – Scorpion Diplomat
Yorimoto Masako – Mantis Shugenja
Moshi Chiroku – Mantis Captain
Ranmaru – Geisha/Tea-House Proprietor
Yoshi – Ranmaru’s Yoimbo

Session Rewards:
All Players receive 3 XP
All Players receive +1 glory for boasting about their previous accomplishments.
Akiyama receives +3 bu
Utamuro loses 1 bu



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