L5R - Great Stone Bridge

Session 14

Drunken Lions' Pride

Real Time: 11 February 2016
Game Time: 4 March 1175 (Night)
Location: Thirsty Heron Sake House

On their way back to town, the party approaches the Thirsty Heron sake house shortly after dusk. Raucous noises can be heard from within, and just as the party is passing by the front door, a thoroughly inebriated Lion bushi emerges. He stumbles about for a bit before starting to pee on a bush just outside the sake house.

Masataro steps forward an sincerely warns him of his discourtesy and comments on his “small dragon” which slowly catches the Lion’s attention. He pauses briefly, staring at the party before pointing at Utamuro and bellowing “You!” drawing his katana, and advancing. This particular Lion is the overly aggressive bushi who Utamuro had previously wrestled with at the Genial Blossom tea house. Byakuya utters his own warnings before steping forward, and disarming the drunk. Unfortunately the man’s katana lodges in the bush he was using as a urinal, and he trips in exasperation, impaling himself on his own blade.

Moments later, summoned by the shouting of their companion, the rest of the Lion’s squad emerges from the tea-house and draws their weapons. Despite repeated warnings from the party (some less skillfully made than others), they see armed Crane standing over their fallen comrade, including the nearest one in the process of re-sheathing his bloody blade.

Continuing to attempt to diffuse the situation, the party is drawn into battle, with Shoutaro narrowly beating one lion to the punch and Byakuya striking at the same moment as the bushi attacking him. Despite a minor injury the Crane make relatively short work of the lion, with Akiyama killing one from the cover of a nearby tree, Utamuro decapitating one with his powerful ono, Byakuya, Shoutaro and Masataro incapacitating, but not killing two more.

Amidst the battle, Domogu makes one feeble attempt to escape, though Toshiro warns him against such action. Additionally, Shosuro Soh and Moshi Takuji are both also present amongst a small crowd of other customers, and eventually emerge to watch the fight. At one point, when Toshiro summons the wind to hamper some of the lion, Soh is knocked over as well and some of the party note something vaguely “off” about the way he falls.

Just as another Lion bushi emerges to join the fight, a young and charismatic Lion emerges from the sake house dripping wet and clad only in a towel. He quickly assesses the situation and calms the remaining Lion, and ordering her to cease hostilities. He introduces himself as Akodo Namboku and offers a clearly grudging, but seemingly sincere apology to the party about his squad’s inappropriate action and disrespect of their crane “hosts”. Before returning to the sake house, presumably to resume his bath or get dressed, he also chides the wounded Lion as not deserving to serve, and utters a small statement of respect over the two dead samurai.

As the battle ends, Utamuro and Akiyama greet Moshi Takuji and start up a conversation with him, going inside to rest and drink. When asked, he offers up that the Dawning Moon kobune, captained by the ronin Shara was in the process of pulling into dock a couple hours earlier in the day. At this Utamuro send a peasant patron from the bar to summon Captain Shara to the sake house.

The rest of the party also enters the sake house to wind down, with Byakuya and Masataro inviting Shosuo Soh to sit with them.

Notable Attendees:
Akodo Namboku – Lion Leader
Domogu – captured ferry operator
Moshi Takuji – Friendly Mantis Sailor
Shosuo Soh – Scorpion Diplomat

Session Rewards:
All Players receive 3 XP
Akiyama: -2 for using stealth to attack from hiding
Note: everyone else behaved very well, but since your honor ranks are so high, everything you did was in the “you’re expected to act that way” category.
Akiyama: +4 infamy for role in the skirmish + bar-room talk of this afterwards
Shoutaro: +4 glory for role in skirmish + beating opponent to the strike + bar-room talk of this afterwards
Everyone else: +3 glory for role in the skirmish + bar-room talk of this afterwards



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